Telamon Corporation

Telamon Corporation has been "Empowering Individuals, Improving Communities" in Georgia since 1978. 

Telamon is a private non-profit orgainzation whose purpose and goal is to improve the lives of people in need.  The program offers opportunities to those who are caught within the cycle of poverty by knowing only agricultural labor as a means to make a living.  Services are designed to establish career goals and opportunities to attain school or occupational credentials that increase one's labor market potential.  Through agreements with training institutions, private employers and other community resource partners, participants can work toward and achieve their employment objectives.

Services to Employers:  On-the-Job Training. employers can get reimbursed up to 50% of the training costs of the new employees wages for a period of training.

Classroom Training. Telamon can send employers graduates from the vocational colleges that have been enrolled through Telamon's classroom training program.

Work Experience.  Telamon can place a new employee at a business and pay 100% of their salary for a period of training.

Job Readiness Training. Telamon can refer to employers job readiness trained applicants that are pre-screened, motivated, highly skilled, and seeking immediate employment.

Supportive Services. Telamon can provide a new employee with uniforms, tools, drug testing, and whatever is required for employment.